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Hribar Logistics has been delivering excellence since 1949, over sixty years ago. Today, we continue to expand and diversify to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. With a full fleet of company trucks and several contracted owner operators, Hribar had become one of the largest fleet-owned dump and pneumatic tank carriers in the area. We continue to handle bulk material, aggregate material and salt, contaminated soil, recyclables, landscaping materials, and even a host of specialty and flatbed products and services.

At Hribar Logistics, we consider every day to be an opportunity to meet and exceed the needs of our customers — our partners.

1914 - 1958

The Hribar Family Farm

The Leo Hribar Sr. family purchased the initial property that started out as the family homestead in the Town of Raymond.  What started as the family farm, slowly changed over to other activities.
In 1938 Leo Hribar purchased the farm from his Father to continue farming.

The Beginning of a Trucking Company

In 1949 Leo Hribar purchase a new tractor and dump trailer for hauling sand and gravel in SouthEastern Wisconsin. Under the newly formed transportation company, Hribar now started to haul many different commodities and in 1958, Hribar hauled the first loads of salt transported by truck in the State of Wisconsin from Milwaukee. As a family business, Leo had three sons Bill, Don, and Lee worked in the company.

1961 - 1963

In 1961, no long trailers were available to haul large loads. This limited the trucking industry to small dump trucks and semi dump trailers resulting in 20 ton loads.
Due to the 1963 rail strike, Hribar started hauling interstate aggregates to Northern Illinois from Wisconsin. This allowed Hribar an opportunity to be the more efficient way to ship material to Illinois.

Invention of the "Pup Trailer"

Hribar patent image
Always efficient, innovative and willing to improve the service offered, Leo Hribar invented the “Pup Trailer” which allowed a larger payload with two shorter dump box units. The pup and similar concepts are still in use by many carriers today.

1967 - 1977

Hribar Materials - Aggregates Provider

As the company continued to grow, the family started Hribar Materials Inc. in 1967 and started to deliver aggregates to their own customers. Around the same time, Bill, Don, and Lee formed Hribar Bros. Inc., as a separate trucking company, but continued to work with Hribar Trucking, Inc. through management services.

Central Supply

In 1974, Hribar Materials was merged into Central Supply which was a lubricant dealer for Kendall Motor Oil. At this time, Hribar Bros got into the diesel fuel delivery business and in 1977 moved out from the original homestead site and worked from an outside location.

1979 - 1992

Amston Inc. Is Created

In 1979, Amston Inc. was created as an equipment leasing company opening a new area of business to the Hribar group.
In an ever changing business in 1982, Lee Hribar, bought out his brother Don’s shares of Hribar Bros. Ten years later Lee purchased control of all the shares of Hribar Trucking, Inc. and was the only owner.


The last business change occurred when in 1993, Lee assumed control of Hribar Bros and merged Central Supply and Amston Inc. with all outstanding stock of Central Supply being replaced with Amston Inc. stock. At the time that operations were being consolidated, in 1992 plans had begun for the next generation of ownership.

1998 - 2002

Acquisition of Jim Halverson, LLC

In 1998, Hribar started a new venture for them and saw the company utilize pneumatic tanks in their operations. From a small start with two units running sporadically, Hribar was expanding the business model in 2002 with the acquisition of Jim Halverson, LLC. This brought in new equipment and customers since Jim Halverson worked in the Madison market area expanding Hribar from going North and South of Milwaukee, to going west toward Madison and south into Rockford.
Through other company acquisitions, Hribar took on another local pneumatic company in the Milwaukee area and a long haul business. This now had Hribar providing all the quality transportation services necessary as a successful local, Over the Road, and nationwide logistics provider.

2003 - Today

Lee Hribar Retires

Lee retired at the close of 2003 and served as an advisor and board member for several years with three of his sons, Michael, Mark, and Steven, remaining in the business.

Further Expansion

As the company continued to expand, a new acquisition of MCS in 2011, Hribar now had a terminal in Indianapolis, IN. With a fleet of company trucks and additional contracted owner operators, Hribar has become one of the largest fleet owned dump/pneumatic carriers in the area.

A Full Service Transportation Provider

Today Hribar continues to handle bulk materials, aggregate materials, and salt, along with recyclables, landscaping materials with a host of specialty and flatbed trailers and services to meet the customers’ needs. Hribar Logistics is now the Order Board for the Hribar group and has brokerage authority for assigning loads to outside carriers. Hribar considers everyday as an opportunity to meet and exceed the needs of our customers and deliver excellence.

Why Hribar Logistics?

As a full-service transportation provider, we're equipped to handle a variety of needs and are committed to building stable, long-term relationships with our customers. With over half a century of service, Hribar Logistics provides the confidence you need.

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First-Class Service

As a full-service logistics company, and as a devoted partner, we maintain a tremendous focus on the needs of our customers. We have enabled our partners to cost effectively manage and expedite the distribution of their products through the implementation of new technologies and processes.

It is our philosophy, and our culture, to conduct our operation as though we are your own private carrier. You should consider us as such in your daily dealings and in your expectations of us. Your interests are our top priority. We will exceed your expectations.

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Flexibility & Synergy

Over the years, we have successfully replaced the carriers of some of our customers, resulting in improvements to the transportation and storage of their materials. We strive to synergize with our partners, always looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity. We also provide the flexibility to meet volume highs and lows, as necessary.

The first example was in 1998 with the acquisition of the Tewes Transportation Group. The transition was seamless, as Tewes terminated their relationship on a Friday, and we began our service that following Monday. We started with two trucks and 11 steel tankers running in the Wisconsin market. The steel tankers were later replaced with aluminum tankers, providing a 15% increase in payload. We also increased productivity by decreasing offload time by 50%. During this time, we were able to consolidate five separate carriers into one, as we continued to effectively serve our customer’s requests.

Hribar patent image


Innovation is the catalyst for progress. At Hribar Logistics, we are always searching for new ways to improve the reliability, efficiency, and timeliness to better serve your needs. Over the years, we have invested in several different styles of equipment and are quick to diversify to meet the ever-changing needs of our industry and our customers. Planning and equipment optimization are crucial for effectively serving your volume, response requirements, and market demands.

One example of an industry advance under our review is the pneumatic-bottom dump trailer. This trailer would give us the ability to deliver one pneumatic product and load aggregate or other material in the center bottom dump segment for multiple and diverse shipments.


We strive to provide timely and accurate dispatch and billing of your loads. We have invested heavily in new hardware and software systems to enhance the value we provide to our partners. These systems allow us to expedite accurate invoice processing on your end through the electronic scanning, storage, and transmission of tickets via email or fax.

Our trucks are equipped with real-time tracking through PeopleNet, an invaluable tool for ensuring timely deliveries. We know that timing of load deliveries is important in order to avoid idle crews. Real-time status information allows us to work in concert with our customers to optimize all resources involved in a job without having to rely on driver status calls.

We have also implemented EDI with our customers to eliminate double entry of tickets on the customer’s side and can transmit this information directly into your system from ours.


Hribar embraces safety as a top priority. Our Safety and Loss Prevention Policy, signed by our President, states in part that “…safety will be the determining factor in all phases of operations…(it) comes before all other duties of our employees…Since no amount of regret or second guessing can un-do the tragedy and waste of an accident, we will do everything possible to make our operations safe and injury free.” As part of our on-going safety awareness, we have safety award programs with our drivers and incorporate safety as a measurable criterion in our management review process.


Hribar Logistics has a proven track record when it comes to meeting our customers’ transportation needs. Years of cooperative effort have enabled us to learn our customers’ operations and equip ourselves accordingly, resulting in the most efficient and effective service possible.

We make ourselves available at any time of the day so we can respond to your schedule changes as they occur. Our driver composition, including both union and non-union drivers, ensures availability at all times and in all situations.

We are always paying attention to the needs of our customers to make sure we adapt and are able to offer new opportunities.

Independence & Longevity

Hribar can offer you assurance that we are truly an independent contractor, with no hidden agendas, conflicts, or interests other than serving our customers in the best possible way. We have no ties to the ready mix industry and, as a result, serve all of our customers with the same high level of service and integrity that they deserve.

We are also financially sound, with over sixty years under our belts and the highest possible credit rating from D&B. We have an experienced workforce with a turnover rate well below average. We look to continue operating in this positive, sustainable, and financially sound fashion.