The Hribar Logistics Fleet

At Hribar Logistics, we’re committed to providing the best quality service, as safely, efficiently, and responsibly as possible. Our fleet reflects our values as a company, and consists of a variety of vehicles and trailer types to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our fleet even includes trucks powered by compressed natural gas to help protect the environment.

Hribar Logistics truck with trailer

Dry Van (Non hazmat)

The van trailer, also called a dry van or enclosed box trailer, is the most common form of freight shipping in North America. Van trailers are designed to safely transport pallets or boxes of cargo but are quite versatile. Due to their simplicity and protection against the elements, as well as possible theft, dry van trailers are useful for a wide variety of products and materials. A van trailer can haul up to 45,000 pounds or 26 standard pallets.

Hribar Logistics Truck 2019

Pneumatic tank (Non hazmat, food grade or plastics)

The pneumatic tank trailer is a large-body tank trailer that empties via a pump and forced air. This pneumatic system makes these trailers very efficient and easy to unload. The tank is a vacuum-sealed enclosure which helps to protect the contents from contamination. Pneumatic tanks are especially useful for transporting the following freight:

  • Building products such as cement, sand, and lime.
  • Food products such as four, sugar, grains, and starch.
  • Chemical products such as plastic pellets, industrial alcohol, and dry or liquid chemical.
Hribar Logistics dump truck driving through mud

Quad Axle Dump Truck (Local Wisconsin)

Your run-of-the-mill dump trucks, with four axles to allow for a heavier load. Dump trucks are more maneuverable and perform better in tighter spaces and off-road than end dump trailers. Our quad axle dump trucks are only available for transport locally in the state of Wisconsin.

Raised hydraulic dump trailer from Hribar Logistics

Dump Trailer - 34’x39’ Full tarp (Non hazmat)

A dump trailer, commonly called an end dump trailer, provides a similar hauling capability to a regular dump truck, but in a longer form factor that provides an increase in capacity. The end dump trailer unloads by lifting the front end of the trailer body using a hydraulic ram. Our dump trailers are 34’ and 39’ in length, and are fitted with a tarp system to cover the entire length of the trailer.

Hribar Logistics truck pulling a flatbed trailer

Flatbed / Conestoga (Commodity services steel, lumber, etc)

The standard flatbed trailer is useful for specialized, large, or odd-sized loads such as machinery, palletized materials, or commodities such as steel or lumber. Flatbed trailers ease the loading and unloading process by allowing easy access from the sides or from above. We also utilize Conestoga trailers, named after the covered wagons used in the late eighteenth century. Conestoga trailers have a rolling tarp-on-a-frame system that can cover the full length of the trailer, and retract for unloading. Conestoga trailers combine the advantages of dry van trailers and those of traditional flatbed trailers.

Hribar Logistics truck with trailer

Lowboy / RGN (Over-size loads, multi axle)

Lowboy trailers, also called low-bed, float, or low-loader trailers depending on the region, are ideal for transporting very tall items which otherwise would be above the legal height limit. They are also great for improving stability when hauling heavy equipment such as bulldozers. The lowboy trailer has two drops in deck height: one right after the gooseneck and one right before the wheels, resulting in an extremely low deck in between.

The RGN (removable gooseneck) trailer is a specialized version of a lowboy trailer, in which the gooseneck can be removed, and the front of the trailer can be lowered for easy and safe loading of any self-powered equipment.