Hribar Logistics, LLC is a full service logistics company providing customer-orientated services to successfully fulfill your transportation needs. As a devoted partner, Hribar has implemented new technologies and processes to cost effectively manage and expedite the distribution of our customers' products. Our philosophy and culture is to conduct our operation like we are your private carrier. You should consider us the same in your daily dealings and in your expectations. Your interests are our priority. We will exceed your expectations.


We continually look for better, more efficient ways to serve your needs. We have invested in different styles of equipment and are quick to diversify to meet the ever changing needs of our industry and our customers. An example of one industry advance under review is the pneumatic-bottom dump trailer. This trailer would give the ability to deliver one pneumatic product and load aggregate or other material in the center bottom dump segment of the trailer for multiple and diverse shipments. Planning and equipment optimization and utilization is crucial to effectively serve your volume and response requirements and meet the market demands of you, our customer.


We strive to provide timely and accurate dispatch and billing of your loads. We have invested both time and capital in both new computer hardware and software enhancing value to you with our ability to scan tickets and electronically store their images. We can then easily fax or email copies of the stored ticket images to you to help expedite accurate invoice processing on your end. Our trucks are equipped with PeopleNet (fleet tracking management), an invaluable tool to help ensure timely deliveries and status information. We know that timing of load deliveries is very important in order to avoid idle crews. Having real-time status information allows us to work in concert with our customers to optimize all resources involved in a job without having to rely on driver status calls. We have also implemented EDI with our customers to eliminate double entry of tickets on the customer's side and transmit this information into your system from ours.


Hribar embraces safety as a top priority. Our Safety and Loss Prevention Policy, signed by our President, states in part that "…safety will be the determining factor in all phases of operations…(it) comes before all other duties of our employees…Since no amount of regret or second guessing can un-do the tragedy and waste of an accident, we will do everything possible to make our operations safe and injury free." As part of our on-going safety awareness, we have safety award programs with our drivers and incorporate safety as a measurable criterion in our management reveiw process.


Hribar has a proven track record when it comes to meeting our customers' transportation needs. Years of cooperative effort have enabled us to learn our customer's operations and to equip ourselves accordingly to allow us to serve you efficiently and effectively. We make ourselves available to you at any time of day to ensure that we can respond to your schedule changes as they occur. We have a well trained and experienced team committed to servicing our customers. Our employee drivers are union and non-union. We also utilize dedicated owner-operators and non-dedicated subcontractors. This driver composition ensures driver availability at all times and in all situations. We are always monitoring the needs of our customers to ensure we adapt, offer new opprotunities, face challenges as a team and expand, grow and diversify to move us all forward.


Hribar offers you the assurance that we are truly an independent contractor with no hidden agendas, conflicts or interests other than serving you in the best possible way. We are a financially sound company that has over sixty years of experience in the transportation industry. Our current D&B score is one on a scale of one to five (one being the best). We look to continue operating in this positive, financially sound fashion. We have no ties to the ready mix industry and, as a result, serve all of our customers with the same high level of service and integrity that they deserve. We have a stable, experienced workforce with below average industry turnover rate.


We have successfully replaced previous customer's carriers resulting in improved transportation and storage of their material. Our beginning was humble with our acquisition in 1998 of the Tewes Transportation Group. The transition was seamless as Tewes terminated their relationship on a Friday and we began our service on the following Monday. We started with two trucks and eleven steel tankers running in the Wisconsin market. The steel tankers were replaced by aluminum tankers thus providing for a fifteen percent increase in payload. We also increased productivity by decreasing offload time fifty percent. During this time, we were able to consolidate five separate carriers into one as we continued to effectively serve our customer's requests. Hribar has flexed with our customers being able to meet their volume highs and lows as necessary.