Transportation Services

Delivering excellence by meeting our customers' needs head on.

Hribar Logistics Truck 2019

Hribar Logistics is a family-owned, full-service transportation provider serving all 48 contiguous states. We tailor our services to meet your unique shipping needs, and provide the reliability you need with over half a century of service. Additionally, we are strongly focused on communication and efficiency to help you operate at a higher level.

Experienced Dispatch, Available 24/7

We understand the importance of communication to keep things running smoothly. To that end, we have experienced and personable dispatch available at any time.

Delivery Tracking

Our fleet is equipped with PeopleNet to provide tracking for on-time deliveries. We know that the timing of load deliveries is important to you, so we can help you be more efficient with real-time updates.

EDI Capable

Efficiency is important for all of us. That’s why we’ve implemented EDI to prevent double entry of tickets and to allow us to transmit information directly from our system to yours.

Five Hribar Logistics trucks with pneumatic tank trailers, viewed from the side

Transportation of Bulk & Aggregate Materials

We use 1,040 cu ft and 1,500 cu ft pneumatic trailers for hauling bulk and aggregate materials. These trailers are vacuum sealed and use forced air for unloading, making them very efficient and easy to unload.  We use our pneumatic tank trailers to haul bulk and aggregate materials such as:

Building Products such as cement, fly ash, slag, sand, ash, and lime.
Food Products such as flour, sugar, grains, and starch.
Non-Hazardous Chemical Products such as plastic pellets, industrial alcohol, and dry or liquid chemicals.

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Hribar Logistics dump truck driving through mud

Dump Hauling

For transporting some materials such as aggregates, salt, or scrap, we use a variety of dump trucks and trailers. For local Wisconsin deliveries only, we utilize quad axle dump trucks. We also have 35-foot triaxle end dump trailers and 39 foot tandem end dump trailers, each uses aluminum to allow for transportation of larger loads.

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Heavy Equipment & Oversized Hauling

We utilize a fleet of versatile flatbed trailers including extendable trailers (up to 90 feet), Conestoga trailers, and lowboys. Lowboy Trailers enable us to transport very tall equipment that would not fit within the legal restrictions on a standard flatbed trailer. Lowboy trailers also provide improved safety , stability, and ease of loading. For even more safety and stability, self-powered equipment can be transported using a Removable Goose Neck (RGN) trailer.

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Dry Van Shipping

To cover your general-purpose full truck load (FTL) shipping needs, we also offer standard dry van shipping (enclosed box trailers) to handle a wide variety of products and materials.

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Direct Provider of Bulk & Aggregate Materials

In order to better meet the needs of our customers, we also act as a direct provider of bulk and aggregate materials including sand, stone, gravel, salt, and landscaping materials.

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